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What we will teach you

A little about the shoes you will create.


Summer is here! why Not start with a new pair of sandals designed by you! Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear, consisting of a sole held to the wearer’s foot by straps passing over the instep and, sometimes, around the ankle. Sandals can also have a heel. While the distinction between sandals and other […]

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are increasingly popular  for women and girls of all ages, both in the dancing environment as well as for casual wear. Extensive research shows flats to be a healthier alternative to heels, as high heels can cause both short and long-term pain in the wearer’s upper and lower body. Ballet flats stepped onto […]

High heels

Coming soon! After you have taken the ballet flat class, you are ready for the High heel class! Make your own simple or sexy stiletto heels. Make your vision come to life!

Our Students Latest Achievements

What our students are saying about our courses


I was absolutely thrilled with the ballet shoe course that Mylene taught this summer. She is a wonderful teacher; enthusiastic, knowledgeable and she brings out the best in her students. I found the course very straight forward with Mylene’s instructions and encouragement. Mylene’s confidence in my ability to create a pair of shoes made me relax and know that at the end of the week I would have a beautiful pair of purple shoes that I am proud to wear. Thanks, Mylene.

- Amanda

I loved my experience in shoemaking. Mylene prepared the course very well . She had all the materials and gave us a step by step on how to make a shoe. The explanation were very clear, always there to anwser any questions and made sure we made every step correctly. It was very interesting and very fun!

- Noémie

I fell in love with shoe making! It was fun and simple! I can use a regular sewing machine just like the one I use at home! I never thought I could make shoes one day because the classes are far and expensive. This one is afforable, fun and easy of access. I can take the bus an walk about 10 minutes. Also I can order my shoe supplies directly from ” the sewing room”. I totally would recommend this class to anybody who wants to have a new skill that can open doors to new opportunities! 

- Caroline